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Email loads sluggish or doesn't on Samsung Email App

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Hopefully they will have a fix. 


Hello. I am using a Note 8 and experiencing the same issue. Auto Fit can be toggled on or off to temporarily resolve the problem but it returns and I find myself going back to settings often. A real pain. Also this happens with any of my 3 email accounts. All 3 are on different servers. This did not happen on an S8 I had a few months ago. Strange!


Well here is a fix I found right here in this community . I just tried it and it works!!!


Work Around from Samsung: Samsung email app issues

I received an email yesterday from the Samsung Email app developers.  It is the most recent version of Google Chrome that is causing the issue.  I didn't believe it until I followed the steps prescribed and my email was working! 

Here is what you need to do:


Developer response:


Sorry for the inconvenience

You have an issue if you use Chrome v70 (updated), please use v.6x
we are preparing to make improvements for v70

Please refer below steps:

Step 1
google playstore
search google chrome
click three dots in upper right-hand corner 
uncheck enable auto upgrade

Step 2
“uninstall updates” in more option


We will release it asap

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Thanks for fix.

It works.

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