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Email loads sluggish or doesn't on Samsung Email App

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I am facing an issue on the Note 9 Email App. I love the stock app but since last few weeks have noticed that the some email take time to load and some dont!! For emails that dont if I hit the forward key it then shows up at the bottom.
I have got all settings correct in the sense of downloading attachments, No Limit on Retrieval, cleared cache. Happens across my Exchange Account as well as the Gmail and Outlook.

Any ideas? Can I uninstall the app and re-install?

I really dont want to use an alternative app as I love the fact that on this stock app you can hover the stylus on the email in the Inbox list and can delete, archive or mark as read from the pop up without having to open the email.


AndrewL Moderator
@Nilesh. Next time you experience this issue I recommend opening the same email on another device such as your home computer to view the contents. Do they contain any attachments or banners that might be contributing to the slow load times? Are you accessing your emails via Wifi or Mobile Data?
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Hi, Thanks for your reply. It can be a simple message without any attachments or with banners and attachments..


Bizzare is the fact that it will be blank and when I click forward the whole email will be displayed instantly at the bottom  

On my surface pro .. No issues at all. I also use Dex and same issues.

Even after rebooting the phone I face the same issue. 

I downloaded Aquamail and Microsoft Outlook and no issues there. But really don't want to use a third party app to be honest. 


Do you think uninstalling the app and re-install will help. 

Many Thanks 



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And yes issues on WiFi and Cellular  

AndrewL Moderator
That is strange, @Nilesh. As a troubleshooting step please try removing your Email account from the phone and re-adding it via the following steps to see if this helps: Settings > Cloud and Accounts > Accounts > Email > Remove Account. Go back to Cloud and Accounts > Accounts > Add Account > Email > Enter your details > Sign In.
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Ok tried everything. Even uninstalled and re-installed the app. No difference. Really frustrating as ome emailswould open and some wont. Got tired and downloaded the app Nine.....and works flawlessly. Its a shame as Iose the spen hover functionality but atleast the email opens in a flash and everything is instant and not sluggish.


Please do advise any further thoughts as would definitely like to go back to the stock app if it works ok.


Many Thanks

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I have exactly the same problem on galaxy s6 stock email but gmail works fine.

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I have found a fix of sorts.
Go on settings in the email app and turn off auto fit to screen. All emails will open then. Slightly annoying though as you will have to view them in landscape mode instead of holding the phone upright.
Hope this helps.
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Thank you. 

I have now been using the app Nine and I can't believe how good it is. The kind of functionality it offers is really great . And all my emails open perfectly without any delays whatsoever!!!

I guess I am going to stick with Nine.

Pity I am going to sacrifice on the functionality of SPen to hover on the email in list and deal from there! 

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Hi there, same here! 

Note9 as well. The content doesn't get displayed, they just hang, but if you click forward, content will get displayed straight away. 

Just wrote to Samsung about this.  Let's see. If a solution comes up, let me know.





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