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Delayed/Late Notifications


I just wondered if anyone else had experienced issues with delayed/late push notifications? I'm currently having severe issues on mobile data and some issues albeit less noticeable on wifi. 

The main issue seems to arise after the phone has been locked for around 3 mins, once this time has passed notifications longer come through on time. It can be up to half an hour or more before they arrive. Sometimes unlocking the phone brings them through, other times I have to go into the app itself to trigger them.


  • I've got all battery optimisation off for the apps in question (facebook messenger, whatsapp, flashscores, gmail etc)
  • No restrictions on background data
  • Apps set as "unmonitored"
  • Tried uninstalling the google app as suggested on other forums
  • Turned off doze mode using ADB Debug through PC


I've also tried wiping the cache partition and doing a full factory reset. I've even had a Samsung Star login to my note 9 and check my settings.


If anyone has any clue how to solve this issue I'd be so grateful.

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Yes the issue is still present across all range of devices S7,S8,S9, Note.


Someone please forward all these android "doze" issue to samsung technical team please.


Same problem here, been going on for months on my S7

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I have the same problem since I got my Note 9


I think this problem could be related to the Mobile network you use. 


I switched from 3, which has provided instant push notifications, to Virgin Mobile (who use the EE network).

On Virgin Mobile my push notifications are significantly delayed in the same way mentioned. All of the settings on my Note 9 have remained the same. 


I have compared this with two of my colleague's Note 9's on 3 and VM, and the one on VM gets delayed push notifications whilst the one on 3 receives them instantly. This matches exactly what I experienced myself, and is why I believe it is a problem with the network provider. 


I think you're actually correct. I've been doing non-stop testing on my Note 9. I'm currently on Tesco Mobile which has the issue, I've also tried my Dad's plusnet sim card which again has the same problem.

However: EE, Vodafone and 3 all work properly.


I ran a network monitor on my phone and when on Tesco Mobile it showed the connection going to sleep, it only woke up when I unlocked the phone, however on EE, Voda, 3 it constantly woke and then went back to sleep so therefore checking the network for notifications.

I wonder if MVNO's are the actual cause? I can say though that I've been with Tesco for over 3 years and this issue only started in around July/August this year on my iphone 6. I also had a similar issue on a Oneplus 6.

That's interesting. Which network monitor did you use? I'd like to run my own tests.

The problem on Virgin Mobile seems to be worse than what you've described.
Quite regularly my phone will be unlocked and on the home screen and still won't receive push notifications.

I have to open WhatsApp manually and only then do I receive a whole batch of messages from various conversations. Without manually opening the app I would have to wait for about 10 minutes before i get the push notifications. This also happens with banking apps such as Monzo, who provide instant push notifications for all transactions and approvals, so I have to manually open the app to check rather than being able to quickly check the PN.

This does sound like a MVNO issue.

This is Tesco mobile. See the gap between sleeping and resumeThis is Tesco mobile. See the gap between sleeping and resume


This was Vodafone, see how quick it resumes?This was Vodafone, see how quick it resumes?


I think the app was called connection stabilizer booster? I just turned active keep alive on then left the log running so you can see similar to the images.

Sorry, didn't comment on your second part. Mine was the same with some notifications. Generally one of three things happened,

They came after around 20-25mins by leaving the phone locked
They popped up as soon as I unlocked the phone
They only appeared when I opened the specific app, whatsapp being one of those which suffered worst with this
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