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Cracks on note9

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Just had my new note 9 less than 48 hours when it's slipped off the sofa fell on the floor and the back of the phone is now cracked 😂when I phone Samsung apparently no one has been authorised to fix the note 9 yet !!they told me the reasons got a glass back is because of wireless charging .I now have a phone that I cannot fix and to make matters worse I did try to get a case for the note 9 but low and behold no shop has them in stock even their flagship store in Oxford Street is closed I've tried O2 and different stores no one has them in stock joke.... how can this be a flagship phone and you can't even get hold of a case for it. I've been online and I've now ordered one from the internet( not a Samsung brand case ) my advice to anyone buying this phone get a case first, these phone are as slippery as hell and not even Samsung can fix this problem what a joke🤮🤮

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Hi @Vernevern. Can you send me a PM, so I can look into this? 

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Hi, I call thanks for the support as I mentioned in my post I've had my note 9 for less than 48 hours and I have tried to get a Samsung case for it but no other shop has them they're not in stock yet they all say they're expecting a delivery in the meantime the phone slipped off the sofa where it's so slippery landed on the plug on the floor and cracked the case at the back when I phoned Samsung not even one of the shops has been authorised to fix this it's a brand new phone Mum absolutely

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Put this phone from the Vodafone shop and still can't get a case for it and I wonder if there's anything that I can do Samsung I said that there's nothing they can do until someone is authorised to fix the phone but that could be 2 weeks to a month time not good enough
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I always use the Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper for my phones along with a dbrand Black Camo skin and screen protector. 


As these phones have glass fronts and backs they can and will crack if they hit at an angle or on uneven surfaces or small stones etc especially as they have curved screens.


That said I've visited Vodafone Highstreet Stores and Carphone Warehouse and they all had a selection of original and 3rd party cases to choose from. 


Sadly not the leather wallet case I'd like however. 


As accidental damage isn't typically covered by the manufacturing warranty then a repair would cost unless you have standalone mobile insurance,  house contents insurance or some Bank Accounts offer mobile phone cover as a perk of the account. 


A dbrand Back Skin or similar could cover up the damage. 



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