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Can't use sticker function for putting a picture on a picture


Well today I gave up, decided to just do a full factory reset.

POWER BUTTON+VOLUME UP+BIXBY button upon boot up, and chose FACTORY RESET.

Obviously, all my apps, images etc took hours to restore using Google Cloud and Smart Switch. I also have to take a trip to my bank, as my banking app has to be reconfigured, but at least it FIXED THE ISSUE.

So I guess the good news is, there IS A SOLUTION, the bad news is, the fix will take away a few hours of your life. I will definitely reconsider installing updates from here on...although I assume the Note 8 won't get further major updates anymore.

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@ImarriedmyNote , Glad you fixed it - even if it took a bit to do it.


We've just had an update on this issue. The developers said that they need to update the Sticker Database for Android 9/Pie - and that the fixed Gallery app will be available via the Galaxy Store soon.


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I could fix it in my wifes phone. 

Click the three pints menu in the  superior corner right. It is important you do it while you have the options to edit the picture.

Click on About Photo Editor

In the superior right corner, you will see an "i",open it.

Open "Storage"

Erase Data and Cache. It will not erase any photo in your gallery.

After that you will be able to add pictures to another pictures.

if you have any doubt write me to gastosjuancatgmaildotcom

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