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Can't use sticker function for putting a picture on a picture

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I have just had my Note 8 updated to the new OS update.  Now I cannot put a picture within a picture on the gallery editing app.


I know you should be able to do this using the sticker function (under the calander) but I do not have the option, although when I click on the 'cog' it shows 'Date stamp and sh...' is an option which should be available?


Does this need to be fixed with a patch or an I missing something? My partners s9 has the option so it seems odd! HELP!!


I have this same exact issue on my Note 8 also...everyone talks about the Calendar stickers, but no matter what order I put the stickers in, the calendar one (Date Stamps and Shapes) is NOT ON THE LIST! Please FIX this Samsung!

Just updated Gallery app...still unable to use Date Stamps and Shapes, therefore cannot put a picture within a picture!!! Really Samsung? You update the app without the fix for Note 8s??? PLEASE!
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Hi @AlexJO and @ImarriedmyNote.


Sorry about the late spot on this one! Unsure if it's still an issue for you guys, but I've asked our software team about it - and me or one of the other Mods will let you know what they say.


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Thank you, good to see a reply. 

Plesse check this thread:


Plenty of Note 8 users are plagued by this issue. Hope to see a fix soon @AntS 

And to confirm, the issue still persists on Galaxy Note 8 devices.

@AntS any news on a fix for this issue?

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Yes, still no fix!?

DannyT Moderator
No news, just yet guys. But we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we get something back!


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Shame. It sounds a bit like we're still just waiting on the software team to acknowledge that the issue actually exists?

I am more than willing to provide any information (screenshots, logs) to show the issue. It has been over a month since the Android Pie update, when this bug was pushed out to Galaxy Note 8 phones. Was hoping to at least find out when we can expect a fix for this...

@DannyT If you check the thread below, you will see that numerous people are experiencing this bug on Galaxy Note 8 devices.

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