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Can't get update to the latest android

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Hi, I have purchased phone from Dubai OAE, android 8.1 is installed on it, since then (more than a year) I did not receive even a single update for OS. When I check for updates it says: 



What needs to be done to get updates working?

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De updates are provided by the local Samsung company (In your case, to UAE). But if its this long you might consider a factory reset. If that doesn't work I would consider contactong Samsung in the UAE.
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I'm not in UAE, I'm in europe, phone has been ordered from online store. Reset is not an option as I have many programs and data on it. Is it possible to change location in the phone itself? Samsung Pay also does not work.

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This is the common issue when importing a phone and using it permanently in a country it wasn't released to be used in @elik745i 


And is something we've seen here before in past posts I'm afraid.


Samsung Pay wont work as the software on the phone is set to accept the Credit / Debit cards for the country it was supposed to be used in.


I was at one time looking at importing the Samsung Note Fe and soon realised from investigation that Samsung Pay wouldn't work.


You could try Android Pay as an alternative.


You could try SmartSwitch to see if any software update is waiting.


A Factory Reset will only take the phone back to the last successful firmware update.


Another option would be to pop over to the xdadevelopers site and look at custom roms and the tutorials there.



A person attempting uploading a Custom Rom onto their phone does so entirely at their own risk with the knowledge that such a process could render the phone unstable or unusable.



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