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Broken S Pen Galaxy Note 9

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Was wondering if anyone has had the same issue as I have been reading online and it seems quite common for the s pens to be breaking on the new note 9 


I for one am not very happy at all as I have just recently bought a note 9 has not been a month yet just over 3 weeks ago an have hardly used my s pen 


Today I went to use the pen took out from the phone and it snapped in my hands almost leaving the tip stuck inside and the clicky part in my hand (no extra force was used) luckily I managed to shake other half out 

Not at all what you would expect for a £900 phone 

I had a Note 4 S-pen for ~3-4 years and no issues.   My Note9 S-pen is now un-usable in less than 4 weeks


Contacted samsung support team and was told it is classed as physical damage to the phone and simply told to buy a new one nothing more they can do (yet they are none in stock nor a replacement pen not available online)


Not a very happy customer as I upgraded from an s8 simply for the new features with the pen. Hardly any use within a month has rendered it useless due to cheap quality and fragile materials I suspect 

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I've read posts concerning older s pens from previous models failing but not in regards to the Note 9 @HaseebM


I've seen posts about people concerned over the Note 9 s pen and how robust it is. 


I've also seen a YouTube Video from Jerry Rig who when testing the Note 9 he dismantled the s pen by actually snapping it and it took some force to snap it. 


I've been looking at the Samsung Online Shop myself at the s pens as I fancy a mustard colour one for my  Black Note 9 and is currently at half price however like you I've noticed it's been continually out of stock pretty much like most of the other accessories that are on sale at the moment !


I've thrown out a tweet to Samsung about that. 


If I was you I would visit a Samsung Experience Store with the phone and s pen and ask the guys in their repair centre to make a decision if you have one local. 


They may have one in stock to provide or sell you maybe at the Samsung Online Shop price. Please be aware that they don't have to as I assume the phone wasn't bought from there. 


It's reasonable for Samsung to consider this is accidental damage and isn't covered under the manufacturing warranty but sometimes customer service / goodwill gesture can override the red tape. 


If you don't have a local Samsung Experience Store then use Samsungs compliant process. 


Also look at Consumer Rights Act 2015.


Make yourself familiar with the parts that cover this and use that when speaking to them. 


However for best results remain calm and courteous when speaking to a manager and refer to the above Act but don't use it as a weapon as that could produce the negative effe t of the manager saying you'll need then to use Samsung Complaint Service. 


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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Hey, @HaseebM.


As you're within six months of your purchase, you should be able to get a replacement S-Pen. Could you send through a private message to me and we'll get this sorted for you? 


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Hello everyone, I have the same situation with the stylus pen. During normal removal, he broke in half, and one part was in the middle of the phone (pic).
The topic is more widely described at:

Similarly to @HaseebM I was refused a warranty exchange. In the above-mentioned topic, people receive a replacement stylus, is it possible in my case?
I am not talking about extortion of parts, but you can see that such cases are frequent and should not happen in the case of a phone worth $ 1000. The phone is 2 months old.
I will be grateful for your response @DannyT.





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Ouch I know the feeling your going through 😢

Exactly how mine broke off mate 



I would agree that without the S Pen I wouldn't be so keen on a Note. I bought a spare (yellow) when I ordered the Note 9. The black one never came out of the packaging, I quite like the yellow one. I just hope that mine don't break so easily.

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Explorer <--- this guy has footage of his s-pen breaking just be carefull removing your s-pens people! seems like Samsung has used really thin plastic on the top side!

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