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Bluetooth in note9 disconnecting from car system

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Like others I was having the constant disconnect issues with my S9, Note9 and S10+ paired to my Land Rover Discovery Sport (2017).

I saw in another forum that someone (apologies for not recalling who for credit) installed this app which fixed the issue for them. I gave it a try and it worked!!
App is called Bluetooth Phonebook by This app has solved many months of pure frustration.
Thanks a lot for this great solution. It did work for my note 9 and now I can drive peacefully.
Many thanks
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Thank you!!!!


I've tried the network reset, bluetooth reset, and none of it has worked on my 2016 Discovery Sport, and I wasn't about to do a whole factory reset without having a guarantee that it'll fix it. I've just given up and had been using just the AUX cord, but still wanted to see if samsung had a solution, and pondered on your answer.


It's still a round about way, but I've downloaded this app you mentioned and it has worked for me! Easy as just downloading the app and opening it up, then there's nothing else for you to do. Fixed my note 9's bluetooth issue on my car. Songs go flawlessly, and so does the phone calls! Someone give this post more thumbs up so that it can be the solution for others in our situation.


Again, thanks for your advice!

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I too have an issue with Blue tooth dropping out I went this morning to my ( Range Rover Evoque ) Land Rover dealers hopping them to resolve this problem, was told it was a known issue and that it was up to Samsung to resolve has usually they like all other Big companies they sit on their hand and left for us to resolve their problem, they are quick to sell their product and it's not cheap product when they charge so much for what they initially pay for manufacturing.  


I have the same problem guys... im so frustrated..

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Have you tried installing the app I listed above?


I haven't had a single issue since installing it.

Sorry i missed that..already installed.. should i do some special settings or anything? Thanks
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Don't specifically recall.
On mine there are only 2 items checked off > Enable PBAp & Enable IrMC

App version 1.3.6
Thank you!
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Same issue with 2019 model of discovery sport, note 9 is getting disconnected every 15 seconds and getting repaired when it wishes to....

Indeed its discovery sport car incomparable scenario. Someone suggested me to get car software upgraded ... let me check with JLR
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