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i wanted the best but all i got was decent from this phone


i got the note 10+ purely for it's design it was the first phone in forever with a more boxy look the type i prefer thats like finding a unicorn, even though i hate the curved display corners, but the cost of the note 10+ for what it offers is insane, i expected the best and all i got was just ok and decent not bad just decent, performance is disappointing sometimes it i can feel the lag not by a lot but for that cost i expect not to feel it at all world of tanks lags on this phone on max settings a phone for over 1000 dollars a note which is supposed to be the best of the best lags on world of tanks this phone simply cannot handle that game (i use exynos because i was FORCED and that cpu is terrible in comparison to snapdragon), the display and performance is my biggest complaint the display is simply too dull white appears almost gray it's not bright white it's dull white which you are ok with until you see actual white on a different display and then it feels more dull than even, the overall colors also suffer on the note 10+ my xperia xz1 a phone from over 2 years ago has brighter more vibrant colors than the so called best display in the world of the note 10+, i am running high performance mode with brightness 10+ i have blue light off (everyone always asks me if i have it off when i do complain about the display so there you have it) i have intensive display mode i even adjusted white balance and turned green and red down to 0 this should create a horrible blue tint as i removed green and red entirely while leaving only blue but it didn't it still appears dull and closer to the warmer side but acceptable i remember the xperia 1 looking much much brighter that display was noticable brighter unfortunately it would dim outside of certain apps, oneui is also something i am mostly disliking, the curves everywhere which i can't get rid of, everything oversized which i can't get rid of either even if i use a 540 dpi as anything higher will glitch out the notificationpanel and merge the toggles none of which i can do anything about, as reflashing this phone would trip knox and that means ruined forever no way to get it back, or the fact that i have a forced samsung theme store with themes i couldn't care less about that cost money and i can't disable this store no matter what the nice wallpaper you get only works on the lockscreen but not the homescreen which is the intended use of a wallpaper, i hate all the features of oneui can't even put the navigationbar on the bottom in landscape no matter the dpi setting i do like device care though, this phone offers nothing that i say would justify the extreme cost it's a flagship phone for a luxary cost, to me it's worth 800 dollars, it's a good flagship phone it has a good screen good performance good build quality it's simply a good not great phone, it offers nothing apart from a pen to other flagship phones if it wasn't for the design there would be nothing it would offer that would make it worth anything to me if it looked like the galaxy s10 i never even would have considered it now i do wish it looked like the s10 as then i never would have put myself in debt for 3 years to buy it, i expected much more from this i would have sent it back but unfortunately a repair was done on it (cracked backglass because the phone lacks a dedicated camera shutter key so trying to take a photo is awkward and it slipped out of my hand because the volume buttons are on the bottom when you flip it in landscape so you can't properly use those as buttons either so it simply slipped out of my hand, something no sony phone has ever done) (and no the issues do not relate that considering it was a samsung authorized repair) frankly i am severely dissapointed by this phone i was willing to pay this much to get the best i expected the best almost feels like i was scammed 1200 is an insane amount of money for this and thats the kind of cost where you should get the best you shouldn't be able to see other things and like them more you should see the screen and think wow this screen is the best display i have ever seen, the performance is truly incredible, those are the things you should feel at this price range, the design appeals to me a lot though and thats why i like it in that way.


heres a photo sample, do you honestly think that the note 10+ has better white? do you think the 1200 phone compared to the 2 year old 600 dollar phone looks better? DSC_4365.JPGDSC_4361.JPG

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Superuser I

I truly appreciate that your not happy with the phone @zzcool500  and I'm sure you've tried all the self help troubleshooting tips to maximise the screen etc as per what you have written.


In regards to lag on my Note 10+ 5G using the Exynos Chipset _ I'm in the Uk_ and bought my Phone directly from Samsung so there is no network bloatware on it,  I find no lag.


And that's with nothing turned On in the settings to speed the animation up or developer mode activated and settings tweaked to quicken up things.


I assume you've tried Safe Mode which disables any downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working and then see how the phone performs ?


This is to see if a particular app is clashing.


And or turn the phone Off and then from a set series of button presses that gets you into the phones system settings clear the cache files.


This process does not delete your info.


A Factory reset would be a very last resort as this does delete your info so please back up.


Obviously we all set up our phones differently and set up the phones preferences differently and some use vault backups when setting up a new phone to be able to have their info back on a new phone and some don't.


Some back ups can be corrupted which can cause issues.


The topic of screen balances , hue , even-ness and whites has always been a topic of discussion no matter what make and model of phone it is.


Erica Griffin on YouTube discussess this in great detail when reviewing a phone.


The issue is we all see , perceive to see things differently. So something you see on your phone another might not.


Also once seen it can't be unseen I apprecaite too. 


I'm sure a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre would run a diagnostic test on the phone for you.


I also understand sometimes a phone just is not right or just isn't ticking those wants and needs boxes for a person and as such another make and model might.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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nothing is causing it it's just the cpu not being able to handle what i need it too, download world of tanks set the settings to highest high res textures etc and tell me does it work smoothly or does it slow down to 10 fps sometimes when looking at a lot of grass for example, here you have the note 10+ display vs the xperia xz1 the xz1 is two years old and an lcd, notice how the xz1 has more vibrant colors.IMG_20190925_154405.jpg


That's basicaly why I sold my Exynos Note10+. Waiting for the delivery of the SD855 N10+.

I compared both devices in my OWN HANDS and I can tell you everything on the SD855 looks better. No lag at all instead of micro lags when scrolling on the exynos, cooler white on the display instead of light yellowish tint ( vivid or no it doesnt keep the colors accurate) and the most important difference is the camera. Yes it's absolutely devastating but the SD855 N10 has better processing. Pictures are sharper, have more details and more natural colors.

I couldn't believe my eyes first but then google is your friend. Check Anandtech reviewing both the SD and Exynos versions, check youtube and you'll know what I'm talking about.

What's more disappointing is that basically most reviews online are for the SD855 version since many reviewers are based in the US.


And by the way, since you mentioned Xperia line.... I had the Xperia 1 before it fell and the display broke.... Yes the Xperia line will always have the best looking display around whether it's IPS or OLED. Xperia 1 display is days ahead of any Samsung display I've seen to date. 


yeah i genuinely feel scammed by samsung and theres nothing i can do about it they scammed every european with this model i want my money back or i want a sd model


so i got the xperia 5 now i wanted to test it but i am starting to like it so much i want to keep it, i tested the screen compared to the note 10+ and i was blown away by how much worse the display is on the note 10+ everything is noticably duller on the note 10+, i ran an hdr video on youtube in 1080p hdr on both phones and the colors have a brown overtone on the note 10+ the sky on the note 10+ has a noticable red or pink or brown overtone on the xperia 5 it's just purely blue vibrant blue with no hint of any other color, it's difficult to see on camera on camera the xperia 5 looks less detailed etc but thats caused by the camera the xperia 5 actually appears sharper less washed out, but what you do see is the major difference in calibration between the two.EGLmqOqXoAUIdJ9.jpg

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