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Wide Angle Pro mode


I doubt it will ever happen... 

and yeah there's no crying smiley on this forum so i decided that a fishing pole would do the job.

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Hey Samsung, please add additional lens usage for the Pro camera mode.  It's not very "Pro" to only be able to use one lens.  😉


@DulyNoted I heard that they will make it available on the S11 / S20 series, so who knows maybe after they are released they will give it to us, poor people with a Note 10, too.

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I doubt it will ever happen. I've seen people (including myself) looking for this since the Note 8, with lots of people asking for it in the forums, but I don't think Samsung actually reads this stuff or really cares. I would go for a P30 Pro in a heartbeat if I could get one here in the states.

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