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When will we get Android 10 for Note10+ 5G in Germany?

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I bought this phone a couple of weeks back for 1300 euros. Why hasn't this phone gotten the Android 10 update while other phones have? It's the most expensive phone Samsung is selling now and the fact that it takes so much for it to get the update is making me move to another brand. I even bought the Galaxy tab s6 and there is no sign of any update for this tablet. They were both first sold a couple of months back by Samsung. 


Can someone give me an answer? 


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Superuser I

If your phone was bought directly from Samsung then take a look in your Samsung Members App as the schedule will be in there @Arjonbu 


If the phone was supplied as part.of a mobile phone contract then you may need to speak with your network as some networks hold back firmware until they've tested it.



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