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Samsung Note 10+ delivery?


I’ve asked this question to Samsung and I get a different answer every time. Maybe you guys can help? I have pre-ordered the Samsung Note 10+ and paid £3.99 for delivery on the 23rd August. Samsung are now saying I wont receive the phone on the 23rd as that is the release date? Why was it an option at checkout?  What is the point of pre-ordering if you get later than people who go to shop and but it on the 23rd August. Has anybody ever received their pre-order on it’s actual release date when ordered from Samsung direct?


They usally ship it out the day before and should be with you on 23rd if not earlier. 

Samsung cancelled my pre order and I'm not alone

Hi you a lucky one Samsung cancelled my order I get told different everytime I phone them I know a lot more who had their orders cancelled after a few days of paying 

If you lucky samsung cancelled my pre order after a few days

Don't stress it will be cancelled anyway.


At the moment it’s status is at ‘preparing despatch’. I have a glimmer of hope, however a very slight glimmer


I do hope so for ya. I'm not bitter at all grrrrrrrrrrrr

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Superuser I

Cancelling the order without prior consultation with the customer is harsh I agree.


In my eyes Samsung should contact the person affected and offer the choice of keeping the order Live and wait for it to be despatched or take a refund.


I totally understand that the option of a Samsung Experience Highstreet Store isn't available or local / convenient for everyone but that's the way I prer to buy my Samsung phones. 


That way there's no delay , no waiting in for a delivery and I unbox it in the store to ensure it's working as it should and there is no Mark's on it.



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Exactly BoB.


I would like others waited rather than fighting through the order process again with further ££ shelled out and no guarantee that the second order would be fulfilled.


The process has really highlighted the shortcomings of Samsung customer services. The lack of apology/explanation/answering of emails (without escalation as this was the only response i have had). I just genuinely feel like they don't give one.


As an idea to anyone having issues use the email CEO link. They had my query for 4 days without answer but using this go a response same day.







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