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N10+ cameras are really bad (low light)


Hi! It's been a month since I have the device and the cameras recording videos in low light have really poor quality. My Note 9  front camera has better results when recording in low light.  I have also read the same issue  in different forums and YouTube videos. It's a shame that Samsung offers that BAD Quality CAMERAS at that note10+ prices.

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Hi @carazo777!


Doesn't sound good. :(


Any further details on this? For example, which cameras? Which camera mode(s) are you using? (E.g. Night Mode?)  In what way(s) are the videos less in quality for you when compared to your Note9?


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@AntS and @carazo777 I think I know why it's like that...
It is because of the smaller Apperture (F2.2) in comparison with Note9 (F1.7).
The S10 and S9 have the same issue
S10 has F1.9 while S9 has F1.7.
The difference between S10 and S9 are not as visble as it is with the Note though.

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I have tried in all resolutions and especially the front camera has a lot NOISE when recording videos in low light. The best way would be to do the tests in person. Regards


Maybe the apperture its the reason. I guess If the apperture it's the problem then has not solution???? When i recording videos???


Definitely yes, aperture is the key.

Never use extra wide angle or zoom lenses when filming in the dark, they have a smaller aperture (2.2 / 2.4).


You have to stay with the wide angle, and it will set @ F/1.5 which is better than note9.

You can also notice this on the preview, as soon as you switch lenses you loose light.


Filming with the normal lens seems fine for me (for a smartphone that's rather decent).

Also i would set to 1920x1080 (normal HD). Indeed :

- if you use 60p, it will increase frame rate, which means that you will have a faster shutter speed, so less light enters on sensor

- if you use 4k, there will be no stabilization and less pixels available i guess, for interpolating the lights and avoiding grain

So i tend to use the simple Full HD (1920x1080 30p) when it is dark. Try to avoid moving fast as well, it causes tearing because of the low speed for each frame captured.

definitely same issue alot noise in low light situation. I compare with iPhone 11 pro and the Note10 its 1 step back. but thanks for the suggestion.

@carazo777  Did you compare them really side by side?


I agree somewhat but check this :


In this video the iphone seems to have slightly less noise but if you check carefully there is 2 differences :

- angle is wider on iphone 11pro max, which means more light and noise easier to mask

- note10+ has higher gain, higher brightness. It can be seen easily when you pause on the video on frames that have lights, or widows. It results in sharper view of the light on iphone 11 pro max. It is a software issue, the gain must be changed on note10+, same problem exists on photo mode. I often lower brightness one or two steps after hiting the screen for autofocus, it often gives a sharper image and avoid burning in enlighten areas.

Unfortunately for now, we can not lower brightness or change ISO in video mode. [EDIT : see below]


I did not check video HDR+ option though, maybe it does the job. I am not sure that it is a problem with cameras, because many of photos in this comparison video are as good or even better on the Note10+.

But color balance and brightness in automode will not suit everyone... I'm not fond of the automatic settings either.


[EDIT] I just tried it, you can lock the gain in video as well. Before shooting in low light environment, hit the screen and then adjust brightness (lower it say, 1, 2 or 3 steps, whatever you feel comfortable with). Then the gain being lower, you will have less tearing, and less noise as well (sharper image). I think that's a pretty good feature, as long as you do not film in the same rush dark environments and suddenly light environments (since gain is locked). It may not please you but you can not expect a 1k€ device to perform as good as a 2-3 k€ pro camcorder, and this video of iphone 11 pro max shows that it has the same kind of troubles.


Hi! I went to a store and tried them side by side making small videos in low light areas and definitely my Note10+ has alot noise. In addition, the YouTube video you gave didn't make a LOW LIGHT VIDEO recording at any time, which is the subject I am referring to. Check out these videos and if you have time read the comments about it.

Also in many forums in Spanish they are talking about the same issue (HTC mania)
I am not comparing it with a dedicated camera to make video I have simply compared it with my Note 9 and with the iphone 11 pro. So your comment is out of place. Thanks


@carazo777   "In addition, the YouTube video you gave didn't make a LOW LIGHT VIDEO recording at any time, which is the subject I am referring to"


Did you really check ?? See at 3:30

Telling others comments are "out of place" is out of place.


However yes, samsung software is not the best at the moment, this Note10/10+ needs an update for cameras. Many people complain about it so, even though in my opinion this camera is "just good enough", it is supposed to be the best and actually it is not.


Wonder if Samsung is working on it... maybe with android 10 update ? ...

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