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Is the UK market too small for Beta?


I would have thought the UK would have been big enough to release the BETA for the Note 10+? 


Why only some countries? 

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Superuser I

I'm sure it's not that reason @Nofear 


Usually it's sent out in country order for eligible phones and is offered via the Samsung Members App and then a person has to typically wait to see if their registration has been accepted.


From the Samsung Members App the Samsung One Ui 2 is due to the N10 January 2020 so not too long now.

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Personally I wouldn't put a Beta on my daily driver phone as it's by very nature buggy and can break things along the way as bugs are ironed out.

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Very true sir, now were into December, the finish line is near. We can somewhat exhale knowing this now.😎

I wouldn't beta my device either for a few UI enhancements.

Wheres the love people.

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