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Idea: Redesign of App Grouping

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It would be great, if OneUI would be really OneUI.


I mean, because of the Quantity of the Apps I use, I grouped them in my App Menu.
Then I added some of the Groups to my Startscreen (technically the Group gets copied and will not be synchronous with AppMenu).

When I use DEX I have to group my Apps again... none of my Groups are availabe in DEX... only the unsorted Apps.


It would be great, if my AppGroups are really LINKED from AppMenu to StartScreen & DEX.

So if I do changes in the Groups, all places where I use the groups, are updated.

So all 3 Places will be synchronous and not standalone anymore.


Would be great if Samsung would union them =)

AntS Moderator

@Azrael-Masters , Indeed. It would save some time and effort   - and I'm always a big fan of that. 


Cheers for the idea! I've let our R&D team know about this one for you, and will keep you posted on what our developers say. 


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