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I cant see to find this option in my Note again

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Hello all,


I recieved my new note and was playing around with the photos and manage to come accross the edit section. I somehow remember seeing frames I can add to pictures like below but for the life of me I cant find how I do it or have done it.  I've tried editor but can find anyhting similar. It's just stickers and labels but not there like the annimation below. 


Can somebody put me out of my misery and explain how I've done this on my note please? 






Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi @Solidlite , i didn't  found where and how you made your gif picture  but for pictures  transformation I am using Photo Studio  Pro on Google  Play. 

Can you explain  where and how you did yours ?

This is my cat with one of the frames in the application..photostudio_1567632498560.jpg


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