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Galaxy note 10+ 5g free earbuds

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I came to know that samsung is offering free galaxy buds for note plus buyers. I bought mine on 6th sept. 

Can I still avail the offer?


Apparently not I've already complained and if the handset/smartphones are not purchased with in the promotion dates we get nothing.


Samsung do nice smartphones but not so smart moves.

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@Ronal1: The Galaxy Buds offer is only available to customers who purchased an eligible model between 10.10.2019 - 23.10.2019. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause you.
Yes because loyalty is never rewarded
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Its bit disappointing. I am a loyal customer of samsung started from s6, s8, s9. Even ordered note 7, waited for 2 months to have that device. Bought note 10+ on 1st day of launch. But, really disappointed that they have not even had single offer for note 10 plus at launch. And now after this, i really feel there is nothing for loyal customers.

I'm the same @Ronal1 only I became loyal after the galxy S2 and even set my partner and children up with samsung phones, but feeling utterly abused as got nothing free with the galaxy s9 when released, got nothing free with the Note 9 upon release, the galaxy s10 pre-orders received galaxy buds and those of us who pre-ordered that fantastic Note 10+ 5g got nothing at all this is a disgusting move by Samsung!

Always the same with eu owners.

Most loyal get screwed, those who buy one price starts to drop get freebies.

It's just how samsung is in the EU region.

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Superuser I

I missed out on the free VR when I bought my Samsung Galaxy s8 by 1 day.


That's how it goes.  


When I bought my N10+ 5G I could have traded in my Note 9 to get some cash knocked off the retail price of the phone but what was being offered for trade in didn't tempt me.


So either you buy on launch date or wait to see if an offer surfaces.


Getting an offer is always nice but my primary goal is getting the phone. 


Sorry you guys (and me) missed out  !


I ended up buying the Samsung Galaxy Buds in Black anyway  




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