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[Feedback]What features do you want to see back?

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Superuser I

Lets be fair,


The Note 10 is one of the best phones that you can buy, but since the note 9 (Or previous galaxy phones) some features have been removed to make space for new ones. If you had the choose one feature, what feature would you love to see back, and why? 


That would be bixby 1.0  the current bixby can't do half the things bixby 1.0 could do. Also maybe headphone jack LOL JK

Superuser I
Superuser I
Haha, Bixby one was great - Honestly the correct voice assistant is "weaker" but understands me better, and I believe that it will slowly but surely gets updated to support most "old" bixby features.

That said, the headphone jack... Well if I'm honest I think it was time for it to go But I believe that Samsug could have handled it better by including bluetooth earphones during the transition period (For example, the Galaxy Buds or a lesser version with basic functionality).

One thing I am missing is the old iriscanner/facial recognition considering it is one of my primary ways to log in to my current phone.
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I would like to see the blink light . This is such a useful addition. The ability to set the colour of the light depending on app/notification.

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I would love to have on Note phones :

1.Rear mounted ultrafast fingerprint scanner.

2.AOD that deactivates in my pocket.

3. 3.5mm jack port (dedicated) or adapters with charge capabillity ,or 3.5mm on all multiport adapters.

4. IR blaster . Was using one on my 3.5mm jack,  it doesn't work with adapters.

5.Gmail push on all power plans,non stop, I serioussly need that .


Aside from Spen, DeX and Secure Folder,my Note 10 + does not feel like a proffesional device . 

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