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Bixby wont control samsung music app.

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I have audio stored on my phone, which I play using samsung music app. When I am hands free I want to use Bixby to control the app, but everytime I try it wants open Spotify. Is there any way round this?

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Hi @KM15 ,


hope that you are doing well. You can control Samsung Music using Bixby by saying say, "play," "pause," or "skip to next song," when you are in the app and Bixby will perform the command. However, when you give Bixby a command with a specific song title, artist, or genre, Spotify will automatically open, even if you have another music app opened.

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I prefer Google Assistant and Google Play Music.

My God, I feel bad for people who try to use Bixby.


I highly recommend switching for many reasons.

Google Assistant is known for working flawlessly in just about every aspect of it's functionality, especially voice recognition, where as Bixby is kind of the laughing stock of all phone assistants.


If you pinch your screen and swipe right all the way to the Bixby screen on the left, you can turn it off of your home screen.


Then download an app called sideActions for all Note 10 models, or bxActions for all previous Galaxy models.


That app will allow you to reassign any and all of the side buttons on your phone to do whatever you want. And you can assign them different functions in different situations and apps.


To give you an idea, here is my setup.


When the screen is locked or on the lock screen, I double tap the side button to turn my flashlight on and off.


When on the home screen here is my setup.

Double tap side key to toggle between sound and vibrate.

Long press side key for a screenshot.

Single press turns off screen as normal.


I set it so I have to double tap my volume keys to actually turn the volume up or down so I can do cooler things with single and long presses.


I single press volume down for Google Assistant.

Long press volume down for the power menu.


Single press volume up to toggle screen rotation on and off.

Long press volume up to launch my company's timecard application to clock in and out at work.


If I'm on YouTube, I single press volume down to auto rotate the video into full screen.


And I play chess using these two chess apps simultaneously actually, so in either of those apps, I single press volume down to just switch to the last app.

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