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Galaxy Fold and Samsung upgrade

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Hello I was wondering when the Galaxy Fold would become available for Samsung upgrade through the site? I am a new customer and wasn't able to find any of the options through the site or app. From the research I've done the only way to purchase the Fold is from At&t or Best Buy in the US, which is sad for customers who don't wish to do business with them.


I am also curious as to if there are any other options to get the Samsung upgrade plan without being 21. I am 19 with a good credit score(717) but when finishing the Samsung Finace process TD Bank had told me I need to be 21 to apply. I was really excited for the latest technology in smart phones but I don't have as many options as I would like to buy the phone. 



Hello sir form Spain, I think 21 because you are an american citizen as well , you can speak with family for cash an old 21 years member to help you for finance.


The Galaxy Fold is available for sale in the United States, and Samsung announced that starting Friday, September 27. The folding phone will be available in two versions: one at AT&T outlets and another unlocked at Best Buy. In addition, Samsung Experience Store will have both. Its price will start at $ 1,980 dollars.


However, in the US, the 5G version of the Fold cannot be obtained, despite two other Samsung 5G phones for sale on the market, the Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy Note 10 5G.


This news comes after the international landing of the model. Initially, it arrived for South Korean customers on September 6. The 18th was the turn for consumers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, although 5G models only reached Germany and the United Kingdom. For Europe, the Galaxy Fold is priced at 2,000 euros, while the Galaxy Fold 5G is worth 2,100 euros. The launch of this new cell phone for the Spanish market will take place in mid-October.


I think last info is real, I have not access to USA market to verify as you but I let you for know some details about it.


See you and happy Sunday to all, and if you buy a Fold, please let your impresion and experience as feedback here to inform to the rest of the Comunities, thanks @Soul7502 for all and good luck for adquire new phone 

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you can take help of family member who above 21 it will be good for you.

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More than seven months after it was first announced, you can finally pick up the Galaxy Fold smartphone on a contract. That's right, Samsung has released the super-bendy, futuristic smartphone and you can hold this bendable phone in your hands at last.