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samsung a70 screen sensitivity issue

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Good day.

Anyone here experiencing a sensitivity issue on samsung A70?

I had mine like few weeks ago and notice there is a lag on screen sensitivity. I used to play games (call of duty mobile and PUBG) on this phone and it is lag whenever i tried to make a minimum/fine tune movement. It is annoying and almost useless to play.

I believed to those who are using this phone for photo editing or painting or drawing will experience the same thing.

I compare with my samsung S9+ and note3, they works perfectly. No issue at all.

I also did a test with other demo set A70 phone in samsung store, they appears to have the same problem.

Not much info i can get from the net as for now.

I did report to samsung service center in Malaysia, unfortunately they said i'm the only one who is complaining about this matter. They ask me to check if there is a firmware update in future. 

You able to tell the difference from the video.

Please share your experience with me.



Hola @LowBK  and welcome to UE website, it's interesting know, if you want you can create a report in Samsung Member for us, then your problem can be related to your device and continue with the issue but under observation and registry.


Thanks you for the imput and while you insert report in Samsung Members we continue waiting to the especialists opinions 



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Yes, I'm facing the same issue while playing FPS games like pubg, COD etc the phone does not response to very little movements which is necessary for a better gaming experience. The phone's sensitivity is not up to the mark

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I purchased SM A70 on December 9th. Screen sensitivity is poor. Driving me nuts! I want to return it but it will be an enormous chore as today is a holiday and day 16 of trial period. This phone is invasive, full of ransom wear, and I will not purchase Samsung again after 8 yrs+ of using their phones. (Should have bought an iphone.)
I want Bixby totally immobilized; this isn't my phone anymore. I have been hijacked. So frustrating.
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This is also the problem i have when playing fps games may it be cod, or special forces, rules of survival. The touch to acceleration/sensitivity is really messed up. Had this problem ever since i got this phone (samsung a70) and is really disappointing to just get this experience from this price range, compared to competing phone market. I hope this problem can be fixed soon. 

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I experience the same. I can't even enter the game. I did a factory reset and it work perfectly fine now. No lag at all. Hope it can help.

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