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phone keep restarting by itself

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my Samsung a7 50GN/DS 2018 keep turning off by itself how do i solve this issue

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Hi @aseries7 , please check this video : or/and read this article . You will find many solutions there :



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This has happened across the world on several of Samsungs latest edition phones.  Googling the net you will quickly see that it's happened on the S7, S8, S10, A8.

In my case, my wifes A8 suffered from a reboot loop on updating to the September 2019 release.
The network provider looked at the phone, performed all the usual troubleshooting to no avail.   I eventually tracked down the problem to the fact that it only rebooted on connecting to the mobile netwrok.  Take the SIM out and the phone was stable.  We could use it for days WiFi calling and as a tablet.  Put the SIm back in, and as soon as the LTE connected - reboot.

I called Samsung with this new information, and they suggested I took it to a service centre.  I did and they bricked the phone.

Now, because the phone is out of warranty, Samsung wants me to pay for a complete repair. 

So let's take a look at this:

We are told to always ensure we use the latest update to prevent a security problem.
Samsung issue a release that's obviously faulty (They released a second update less than a month later)
The update essential breaks the phone
Samsung want us to pay to fix the problem they caused.

Can anyone say "Class action lawsuit"?

Come on Samsung, take the hit.   Own up to your problems, fix the phones free of charge and maintain a happy customer base.

Alternatively you can contunie doing what you are doing and play right into the hands of the competitors.  Suddenly  LG/Google/Huawei/Apple are starting to look a much better choice.

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so there is no way to fix this issue unless it's done by samsung?

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