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blinking round light on a40





Hello guys, bought a40 like a month ago and during this period round blinking light randomly appears below the front camera,  does enybody here have any clue about this? I have read that s9 have blinking pixel next to the front camera but samsung already confirmed it is the proximity sensor and it only apprars during the call times,  could not find anything about a40


Today I was using regular apps and flashing dot appears. It was flashing about 10 minutes and then it disappeared. I wasn't calling by that time, so it cannot be connected with calling. I'm able to reproduce it using *#0*# service tool and then choosing SENSOR -> Accelerometer Sensor - GRAPH.


could any of you who's never noticed that blinking dot, check your phone with that test *#0*# if that appears on every phone then it is an adnroid promlem, otherwise it is a defect for some phones only.

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I have the same problem. Is there a solution?

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Same here - exactly the same symptoms :( Restarting device always helps but it's extremely inconvenient to do this every few days.


Samsung Galaxy A40

Last software update on Jul 27

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