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When is the security update releasing in Europe?


I just bought the phone and so far its pretty good with one exception which is the fingerprint scanner, so I would like to ask if we in Europe already gotten the update that improved the fingerprint scanner and if we did, when will we get the July update as well?

Superuser I
Superuser I

I'm in the UK using a Note 9 purchased directly from Samsung and recieved the 1st July 19 a couple of days ago.


Firmware releases are dependant on wether a phone was supplied directly by Samsung or via a mobile network. If mobile network then a person can be waiting for their network to pre test an update before allowing Samsung to send the update out to branded phones. 


What issues are you experiencing with the fingerprint scanner  ?


Personally I have 2 to 3 scans of the same fingerprint on my phones so the phone has a better chance of recognising the print and unlocking .



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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