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Update A50 Fingerprint scanner is not working since update yesterday evening

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Fingerprint scanner problem 

CarloL Moderator

Hey @Mike451! Let's do a Soft Reset of your A50 by holding the Volume Down as well as the Power buttons for 10 seconds. Afterwards, wipe your finger and try again using the fingerprint scanner. Does it help? 

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Same issue and soft reset doesn't help...

Thanks for helping out

AndrewL Moderator
@Mike451: If you open the Members app > Get Help > Interactive Checks > Fingerprint, and follow the on screen instruction, do you encounter any errors?
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As far as I am concerned it does not help since it requests me to save at least one fingerprint... which I can't do...

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Samsung A50 fingerprint doesn't work after the new update. A505FDDS3ASK5/A505FODM3ASK5/A505FXXS3ASK5 

Pls fix this. Been waiting for this the fingerprint is not readable and cannot register a new one as well. 

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