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Sync calendars on two A40's, is there a simple solution?

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I am trying to find a way to sync two A40's, mine and if it can be done another A40 that my wife will use. I have been trying to find a way to sync my A40 calendar with the wife's Amazon Fire 8hd but this is proving to be very longwinded, complicated and involves too many apps and new email accounts so have really given up on that idea. If it can be done between two A40's I will buy her one! If not I will leave her to her pencil and a diary.......

In this day and age I would have thought this would have been possible.......


AndrewL Moderator
@jbafalcon: If you have your calendar data backed up to your Samsung Account then you can simply register the same account in the Calendar app on your Wife's A40, and sync the data to the device in this manner. To proceed, open the Calendar app > Tap the 3 lines in the top left > Tap the cog symbol in the top right of the pop up window > Add new account > Samsung Account, and follow the on screen instructions to complete the registration. Once completed, go back to the Calendar home screen, tap the 3 lines in the top left, scroll to the bottom and select 'Sync Now'.
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Andrew, thank you for your very fast reply!

Progress at last, :-) I have not asked her yet so she may not be intested.

I use the DIgiCal calendar app and that seems to sync with the Samsung app so with an identical setup on both phones syncing will work both ways? If either adds an event, deletes an event or modifies an existing event it will be repeated on the other phone?

Thanks again and have a Happy Christmas.


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It should work that way, @jbafalcon100

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Not bought her an A40 yet, am seeing how she gets on with my previous S3.

Okay, on my A40 calendar I see I can add an accoount: Samsung/Exchange/Google/MS Exchange....

I assume I would add my Samsung account, seems logical but did not know I could back up the calendar at all!

Both Samsung and Google are shown with Blue dots, the other two have Brown dots. What does that mean?

Just as a thought I wonder if this Samsung backup/sync would work with the S3 S Planner?

Thank you for your help.


Above posted 2 hours ago.

I had enabled a Samsung Account on my A40 so logged on online, tried to add my address that had not been entered, this went to a page error. Tried to access my 'Account Info', this again went to a page error.

That aside there did not appear to be an option to backup my Samsung Calendar that I could see. Is this a Samsung backup or a third party app backup?

This whole sync thing is really doing my head in at the moment.


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Google calendar allows you to share calendars with other Google users. You need to use the Web version to do it but once you do they are shared forever. This is how my wife and I share calendars and it works perfectly  


Thank you for the reply, if I could get my A40 to sync with my online Google account I might be getting somewhere, unfortunately this fails no matter what I try. Deleting data and cashe on the phone did not make any difference. When I add an event on the Google mobile calendar it does not appear on my online Google calendar but does sync across to my Digical calendar on the A40.

I have given up at the moment as I am not far off throwing the toys, and the phone, out of my pram!!

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