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Still no June/July update for A50 in EU?

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I mean, I get it, A series are budget phones and Europe isn't the main market for it, but what's up with the updates? We started with one month behind Asia and now we are approaching two.

Is there any information on when current updates will be available in Europe? 

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I think the best place to check if a update exist for your device is on this website :


Also read this :


In the search bar, don't forget to indicate your model SM-A505F, SM-A505FN, SM-A505GN, SM-A505G, SM-A505FM, SM-A505YN



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Thank you for links, but it only confirms it. My model is A505FN, which is not present in the list. The closest would be A505F, which doesn't even have listing in my country (CZ) or any other European country for that matter.

While I'm aware that manual updates are possible, I see no reason why Samsung have not pushed official OTA update yet and would like to know when or if it will happen. 

Which yeah, is naive asking on a forum. But it kinda worked last time I did and update was literally pushed the next day...twice. 

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