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Samsung galaxy a70 SIM card issue

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So I recently bought a samaung galaxy A70. For some reason when I broke and then changed my screen whenever I share internet to my friends my phone gets really hot (reminder that it has never gotten hot before).

Today I was sharing internet and I left my phone on a table for about an hour and forgot about it. Then my friend asked why there's no more internet. I saw that my phone isn't reading my SIM card and I couldn't turn on the WIFI. When I press the WIFI icon my phone crashes and it says that there's a problem and if it happens again i have to restart the phone.

I tried to restart the phone, I did a hard reset and I don't know what to do more.


Oh, and I also tried to put my SIM card in my friends phone and it worked perfectly so it can't be the card. Please help. 


Hey @Me08! It may be better to have your phone looked at by a Samsung engineer to make sure that there is no internal damage to the phone that may be causing these issues.  

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