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Samsung Galaxy A70


I still have issues with multi touch when i play pubg mobile, can't aim at players. Samsung needs to fix this soon. 

Superuser I
Superuser I
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues.

Is the multitouch issue only in that game or in every app? This is important to know considering the issue can be app specefic, in that case the developer of the app has to provide a solution.

I'm not sure about other apps, but they might also have issues with multi touch. And another thing, my processor temperature is going to 65°C when i play Pubg and phone starts restarting many times, my battery is at 94% health but phone is brand new. I really don't know what's the problem with this phone so if you can somehow help me it would be great. 

Superuser I
Superuser I
What do you mean with 94% battery health? You mean battery left or that the health itself degrades? If its the last its alarming.

Pubg is a horrible coded game (At least, when I last played it) so it doesn't surprise me if its resource heavy, but if it literally destroys that battery it gives me alarm signals.

The heat however is kinda in line with what I expect from a very heavy app.

That said, it recently discovered a topic with more people having issues with pubg on the A70, to the level that you might expect that there is actually an issue with the phone software itself:

Apparently the solution is waiting for an update (or manually checking). It might be the case that the update is on hold due to the phone being gray import (Which basically means it has to be approved in another country) or that its waiting for approval by a carrier.

I mean 94% is alive, it shows me 4149mah of minimal 4400mah, and battery drains fast when i play Pubg. 

Lets say 65°C is normal for processor but why when i play Pubg phone restarts 6 times in a row?

I live in Serbia but phone is from Norway or some country's near Norway, so phone is definitely imported by store where i bought it. 

I still have May security patch, I'm manually trying to get update but there's none.Screenshot_20190806-193943_AccuBattery.jpg


dsolution plz
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