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Samsung A8 notes

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Hey, so this is on behalf of my roommate (but we have the same phone)

She has a Samsung A8, which is her first non-apple device.

On monday she made a note on her Samsung Notes app (not that I ever saw it but I trust her) And she went to view it today and it was gone.
Not in her trash, not anywhere I could find in her files, just gone.

She did not have the app sync'd anywhere and swears it was the Notes apps.

We did the update and that didn't help and I was wondering if anyone else had this happen? Or knows where it went?


I have had my phone 2 months longer than her and never had anything like this happen

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Superuser I

...I wonder, did she press save at the top of the notes app? Because if you don't press that button it doesn't get saved.


I know that it won't get it back, but at least it gets you closer to the root of the issue.

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