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Samsung A8 Predictive texts aren't working even though predictive texts are turned on in the settings

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Hi everyone, 


I have several people I work with having an issue on their phones and I wondered if anyone knew why. 


Basically they have turned on predictive text on in the settings of the Samsung A8 but when they try and type in apps such as emails and texts it just shows the word or letters they have been typing or totally random one word auto corrects only half related to the word they are trying to type. 


And changing the settings doesn't seem to do anything. 


Has anyone else had this issue, is it fixable? 


Thanks very much to anyone who reads this!!!!!!

Superuser I
Superuser I

I was having some issues with my Samsung Stock Keyboard and resetting the keyboard in the keyboard settings didn't seem to help.


So I downloaded the official Samsung Beta Keyboard and that's much better.



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