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Samsung A50 pauses audio

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Hey there,


I just switched to android and love it, however there is one problem that's bugging me. I mostly use my phone for podcasts, audiobooks, and music and for some reason my new phone constantly pauses any audio app (Spotify, Audible etc) between 30 seconds up to 15 minutes after it starts. It can happen with the screen locked, unlocked, and even while I'm using the phone in another app. I looked around and found lots of info about the 'sleeping apps' problem, but that hasn't fixed it for me. I also thought maybe it was a RAM problem so tested closing all other apps and clearing caches, still no fix!


Can anyone help?

Kind regards,


CarloL Moderator

Hey @n229vxhbx!  Let's make sure that the phone is running on the latest software version by heading to: Settings > Software update > Download updates manually. Also, try doing a Soft Reset of the phone by holding the Volume Down as well as the Power buttons for 10 seconds. Does it help?

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This was happening to me when using a Bluetooth speaker and Pocketcast, fixed it by setting Pocketcast to always use the BT speaker for audio.


Settings>Sounds and vibration>Advanced sound settings


Hope this helps you out.

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