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Samsung A50 Gopro hero 7 connection problem



I'm having Samsung A50.

I have a problem to connect the phone with Gopro hero 7 through Wifi.

I had already tried everything and even  to reset all options and connections on the phone and gopro but connection could not be established. 

Gopro is working properly with other phones from Samsung and other manufactures.

Both devices are updated to the latest firmware and software versions.

Please help.

Thank you.



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I have found solution!!!

I sold the samsung a50 and bought Xiaomi phone.

Now i don't have problem using my Gopro on my summer vacation.

Besides connectivity issues now i can clearly hear what other people are talking on phone (bad call quality A50).

Thank you samsung for your great technical support!

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Same Here. I have A50 and my gopro hero 7 does not connect. I did everything. Reset/update/change ghz. The only thing I cant do is to find in the phone where to change quality of wifi for lover. This is last thing mentioned when you click GET SUPPORT. On other phones it is working.

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Hello, I have the same problem as yours. Did you already find the solution for this problem?


No, i have not find solution.

There is no response from Samsung regarding this issue.

They have really bad support about problems that Samsung A50 have with wifi connectivity and they are ignoring them.


Dear Dimo, I have the same problem, it's terrible, do you find a solution?


No, there is no solution.

Very bad support from Samsung!


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Hi, I have the same problem connecting my A50 to my Hero 7.  Kindly advise the workaround please.  Thanks!

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I know the cause, Samsung  has this "feature" where it checks the internet  speed and stability  of the wifi before connecting  to it, if it's  unstable, slow, or in the case of the gopro non existant, it won't connect.

Quite unnecessary to be honest and should be removed, sadly I don't know of a solution.

Btw I have a Galaxy a10.


Samsung please help us!!! We need a solution

Dimo, do you find a solution?
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