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Samsung A50 Gopro hero 7 connection problem


I just bought samsung a 50 and i have the same problem.  bought the samsng a 50 brand new i returned it in 2 weeks time but they didnt accepted samsung a 50 back. and i am so for cant using go pro apps from my phone. hope any samsung update cen recover the isue...

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I'm having Samsung A50 too.

I have a problem to connect the phone with Gopro hero 6 through Wifi.

I had already tried everything and even  to reset all options and connections on the phone and gopro but connection could not be established. 

Gopro is working properly with other phones from Samsung and other manufactures.

Both devices are updated to the latest firmware and software versions.

Please help.

Thank you.


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Same problem.

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Tengo el mismo problema e llamado al servicio técnico de GoPro pero no me dan solución.  Lo he probado todo!!! En cualquier otro dispositivo funciona correctamente


I have found solution!!!

I sold the samsung a50 and bought Xiaomi phone.

Now i don't have problem using my Gopro on my summer vacation.

Besides connectivity issues now i can clearly hear what other people are talking on phone (bad call quality A50).

Thank you samsung for your great technical support!

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Good Idea!

Have the same Problem!

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I am having the same issue with Gopro Hero5. Please Samsung provide a update to fix this.

Made my working yesterday. Was keep resetting settings, reconnect camera good several times. What I did I remove auto reconnection stick from my house wifi, and kept auto reconnect for gopro. And its worked. Was able to watch all my videos.
Dear BAss1, where can I see your videos??? thanks for your help!!!
I have spend about 3 hours. My steps was.
1. I deleted gopro app
2. Reset network on gopro
3. Install and reconnect gopro to phone again. Make sure its connect to bluetooth as well.
Next I realise, that when I connect gopro to phone my wifi network will kinda in first to connect and gopro wifi will remain death. So I remove autoconnect from my home network. But left autoconnect for gopro. Repeated all steps again. And magic it's just working.
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