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Region Unlock (European) & change IMEI

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Hello everybody. I know there are an array of almost the same questions. but there is nuance i want to exact. i have bought from in germany and it is region locked. but know this phone is out of europe, in Azerbaijan, but i have european sim card. my question is that:

1) if i make call from azerbaijan to europe from simcard that i have, will it be unlocked ? is this call should be incoming call or outgoing ? and 5minute should be from 1 call or it does not matter ?

2) is there are any other way to solve this problem ? 


Another question:

How can i change the IMEI  of my phone, i need it because it is expensive here in my country to registr. which way is better, it will my first time( i am going to make it by myself) there fore need some easier and more effective way.


Thanks everybody in advance. 

AndrewL Moderator
@Teymurov: In order to unlock your phone for use outside its intended country you would be required to make a 5-10 minute call to a local number from inside Germany, using a SIM card form that region. Regretfully it isn't possible to unlock the device from your current location, therefore if you have any friends or family members in Germany then you may wish to send the device to them, and request that they complete the unlocking process on your behalf. The IMEI number is a key identifier of your phone and as such cannot be altered manually.
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