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Regarding folders and Samsung music

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I have copied all my music to the internal storage /music folder but now it seems that Samsung apps only detect music in the Internal Storage / Samsung / music folder(setting a ringtone, Samsung music also doesn't detect)

I normally use VLC for all my music but it doesn't show up properly on the lock screen like Samsung music does.

Is there a way to make Samsung music detect custom folders? (folders because there is in vlc <3 ). I have a lot of music (~20gb) so moving folders is OK but still not viable if I can get the Samsung music app to detect the normal music folder along with /instead of the Samsung / music one.

Please help

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Also refer to :


@AndrewL wrote:

Settings > Apps > Tap the 3 dots in the top right > Reset App Preferences > Reset


Is there a way to do this without resetting all app preferences? (I have a lot of them and it would be better if I could change reset the one /two app preferences that are actually required), thanks  

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