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Pro camera features on A7 (2018)

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I want to be able to manually set WB, focus and exposure for my camera. However, I only have access to brightness, ISO and a couple of preset WB temperatures in pro mode.

How can I get those feature I need? They are clearly available since I've found a camera app that allows me to set these, but its interface is awful. Maybe anyone could recommend another camera app?

They aren't for midranger phones they are for flagship phones, I have the A7 and I really want that proper pro mode they have on s and note series but I'm not so sure why we dont have it. :(

Yeah, it's really annoying on my a8( plus not having slo mo with more than capable specs as the a7 has it). I use an app called footej camera which is better than nothing but it cannot produce contrast as good as stock camera and the pro mode photos look worse than on friends S8. The UI is good though (similar to one UI app) 

Yeah the a7 and a8 are literally the same but they both have their perks, I'm not sore why it dosent have slow mo really as we have the same processor and no difference between our main cameras..
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