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My phone keeps going black

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I am using a Galaxy A6. My phone's screen randomly goes black and after a short time it goes to the lock screen. I just need to navigate back to the app, but even when I enter the password it goes back to the lock screen. I tried Safe mode and nothing seemed to happen so far, but when I go back to Normal mode the problem comes back. it's sometimes when I turn the phone to vertical position or I tap the phone, or when I shake it lightly. Sometimes it just goes off randomly. Sometimes it doesn't go off. What's happening? Are there multiple problems at once? Scanned and no virus or malware. Will try to test in Safe mode again.

AndrewL Moderator
@BushBond: If the issue wasn't present during Safe Mode then this suggests that the issue is stemming from a third party app. Wit this in mind please remove any apps you have downloaded prior to the issue occurring and monitor the performance of your A6 to see if the problem persists. Let me know how you get on.
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