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My Galaxy A7 2018 can't connect to my Gear Sport

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So after updating my Galaxy A7 2018 to Android Pie I am unable to pair my Gear Sport


Afther launching the App Galaxy Werable I select the watch and it appears on my phone but when I am about to pair it a message pops up informing that my phone software is not compatible and pronpt me to update my device ( A7 ) but when I go the software update on my phone it informs me that my device is updated 

I already reinstall the galaxy Werable App


Restart my watch  ( including rebooting the device )


I am almost sure that the issue is related to the Android Pie updade on my Samsung A7 2018, before the update my watch was working normally 


I appreciate any light on the mather since I was unable to find anything on that issue and I find hard to belive that I am the only one with this issue.


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