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Memos lost with factory reset.

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I did a factory reset on my Samsung A8. I was told just to do a Smart Switch "back up" and all of my content would be saved. I believed theUnsungg rep. I don't save my info to a cloud or a Samsung account. When I did a "restore" from my computer back to my phone the only thing that came back was the apps with NO content so my Samsung Notes were all lost. Samsung  then proceeded to tell me that I was misinformed and that all of my memos were lost. Is this true? Are they all gone?

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The process of a Factory Reset takes the phone back to it's last firmware update @Life1 and deletes user information. 


This is why it's imperative to create up Back Ups to Sd Cards and Cloud Accounts such as the Samsung option, Dropbox and Google Drive etc. 


As important remove a Sd Card before Factory Resetting too. 


There are paid for Software options available that purport to be able to recover information but I cannot confirm or recommend any as I've not used them. 


That said as far as your phones current status is the answer is Yes notes will be lost if no back ups have been created by you or in the background via auto back ups. 



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