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Media volume limiter on A20e

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I am trying to locate the settings for media volume limiter on my A20e .I have gone into settings-Sounds and notifications-volume .This is where the setting should be as in other samsung phones.There is is usually  a three dot menu in Volume that opens media volume limiter.There does not appear to be this setting.Does the A20e have this function on its phone I wonder?


AndrewL Moderator
@PaulG2: That's strange. If you go to settings > Sounds and Vibration > Volume, you should see 4 volume sliders for Ringtone, Media, Notifications and System, which you can adjust to your preference. Also in the Sounds and Vibration menu, below the Volume option, you should see 'Use Volume Keys for Media' which you can toggle on and off. Hope this helps.
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