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How can I permanently delete operator 'fixed' shortdial numbers from my contacts

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Have a Galaxy A70, Android 9, and one of my sim cards has operator 'fixed' shortdial numbers for their sevices which I don't want or need. 

I can hide them in the Samsung Contacts app. but not in the Phone app.

I am able to delete them but afterwards they just reappear again in the Phone app. at the top of the contacts list as they are preceded with a '>'.


Any advice on how I can get rid of these numbers permanently? 

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Superuser I

If these numbers are driven by your sim card then there's not much as far as I'm aware you can do.


For example I'm in the UK using the o2 network.


In my phone app contacts I permanently have....





My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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Thanks for your reply BoB.


I'm in the UK & on O2 too - your screenshot shows exactly the same as my phone contacts.


My last phone (Moto G4+) didn't display the numbers so must be a Samsung issue :(

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