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Galaxy A70

I face some problems with Wifi.. When i'm downloading something on playstore for example, and lock the screen the download is paused after sometime and i need to wake the phone by unlocking it. This happens to any download not playstore ones only. How can i fix it?
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@Zahran: If you have Power Saving Mode active then this can restrict background activity, including WiFi. With this in mind please go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode > Choose 'Optimised' or 'High Performance'. You could also try going to Settings > Apps > Google Play > Battery > Allow Background Activity to see if this helps. If the issue persists then you should consider increasing the time before your screen goes idle: Settings > Display > Screen Timeout.
I already have all of these options, but increasing screen time won't help it is maximum 10 minutes.. So any other options?
Same problem here aswell same problem with the touch screen lots of bugs phone gets heat up while charging from top near camera idk what samsung is doing with their customers
Sadly there is no fix for that issue yet.
The A50 phones had that issue as well and it was fixed with an update.
The A70 is a newly announced phone so we have to wait...
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I recently took an A70 like 10 days back and now the speaker is dead, for last two days the speaker was noisy and since this morning it stopped working. i already contacted the shop where i took the phone they said that it doesn’t have an international warranty and they doesn’t have any speaker spare for replacement also. please give me an solution. 

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