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Galaxy A7 2018 - Poor photo quality


So I got this great answer by Samsung even after sending them sample images of the poor quality.


Dear Roxana,


Thank you very much for contacting the Samsung Customer Service Center.

If the repair center stated that the device is working properly, then we can't do nothing more.

I am happy to answer any further questions.




Yes I have this problem 

I have this camera problem
Yeh,I have this problem too

That's absolutely ridiculous! We paid allot of money for this phone. And expected to have the camera resolution and quality that was advertised. This is false advertising. What are we meant to do. Just suck it up! I bet we were guinea pigs for the s10. So whatever they got wrong on this phone, wouldn't be the same for the s10. I'm fuming you got that mail back. 😪😪 I haven't got a reply to my complaint at all x 


I have this annoying problem too


I've just bought this phone. I purchased it because of the display, which is great, and everything works as it should


BUT THE CAMERA IS HORRIBLE!!! My 6 year old iphone makes much better photos.


In the preview window it is all good, but when you make the shot i turns out soft, blurry, filtered and with no detail. It's truly a 640x480 camera. 24 mpix? Not even close.


And, sorry Samsung, but if you can not prove that the final image represents 24mpix of resolution, which it doesn't, then noone cares that the sensor can capture 24mpix files. Horrble, horrible fitlering on what would have been quite good shots. Previews while capturing look better than the final image!!! How can that even be?


This is a software problem. I am beyond upset and will try to exhchange the phone first thing tomorrow. Please resolve this issue ASAP. This is a mainstream device, and a lot of people will not buy a Samsung phone again after this experience.


OK, I am in the process of exchanging the deivce for an iPhone, unless Samsung service center can manually change the software settings. 


First, here is the cause of the problem: Noise reduction can not be turned off and it destroys any image, even in the daylight. SAMSUNG, give us the option to turn off noise reduction completely in the default camera app.


To all of you who are stuck with this device(and I might be stuck with it as well). I FOUND A TEMPORARY SOLUTION!!!


AGAIN! THERE IS A TEMPORARY SOLUTION!!! Install the app called FreeDCamera!!! It is free and allows you to turn off noise reduction and shoot somewhat normal images!!!


This, of course is not what we need. We need to be able to turn off noise in the default camera app, but this will allow you to shoot regular 24mpix images that are sharp and have good color reproduction. The wide angle camera and bokeh will not be utilized, and unfortunately this means that device is still not functioning as specified but at least you can take some decent pictures.


24mpix camera, both front and rear with noise reduction/ beauty filter turned off would probably be good! SAMSUNG PLEASE ADJUST YOUR SOFTWARE SO THAT PEOPLE CAN USE FUNCTIONS THEY PAID FOR!!!!

First Poster

Hello all.


I have the same  problem,


Picture quality at A7 2018 at low light is absolutely horrendous. I have switched to A7 from my Galaxy S5 and even my 5 years old phone was performing way better that brand new A7. How is that possible you ask me? Well A7 camera has a one special feature called pixel binning which, at the cost of better lighting, downgrade the over all quality and details of the photo.


Please tell me. Will Samsung allow to turn this function off/fix it?Or do I have to take the A7 back to vendor to get my money back?


I have attached a picture from A7. You can see it blurs and combines pixels in such a horrible way that you cannot even see object through a glass!!!



In my case the veondor is unlawfully sending me to a service center even though it is clearly stated in the law that a customer has the right to exhange the device if it's not as advertised. CLEARLY it is not as advertised. Simply ridicilous. I will take the case to the autohrities.


Samsung representative was completely disinterested in helping me, and hasn't even answered the questions I asked. I asked if he has ever used an A7, and if they have an A7 at the office, could he tell me the software version their device is running, so that I could perhaps pinpoint the problematic software version. He said they do have it, he has chekcked it and that it works great. He declined sending any samples of this "great" imagery, and I can only guess it's because that either he doesn't have the device, or the device is not working correctly, just like mine and yours.


Simply put, return the malfunctioning device for a full refund. If Samsung wanted to resolve the issue, they had every chance to do so. It's a simple on/off filter button, instead of having a phone that can not take a picture, and only produces graphics. Completely unbelivable.

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