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Galaxy A7 2018 - Poor photo quality


I'm here to report a major issue with the A7 2018 photo quality, this problem is going on for months in the Samsung Italian Community forum and, since it's been months and we did not receive any real update about this matter, i'm hoping to find some luck here.
So the A7 2018 feature a Sony IMX 576 camera sensor, the very same sensor that the A9 is using.
This sensor use the feature called SuperPixel to turn 4 pixels in 1 to have a brighter image, this will lead to a loss of quality since it will turn a 24mp image into a 6mp image reseized to 24mp, in feature applies in some areas or in the whole image; this feature should only be applied in low light photos, but right now it turn every photo into a brush painting, since the lack of details turn things like grass and trees into a mush.
Many phones had this same feature in the past, phones like the LG G7 ThinQ had it and you can switch it on/off to have a better image quality.
Also, this feature wont let other third party apps to ge the raw images from the sensor, so every app you try always lead to this problem.
In comparison a Samsung S3 from 2012 can capture better images than this phone(photos and comparison on the other topic)
Since the mods refuses even to acknowledge any type of problem on this device the community had to find the roots of the problem, but we still need the Samsung developer team to fix this.

You can check this topic to review all the images posted by the community:

If you have this phone, check if you have this problem.


@Maury121  perfect description!


This is the effect on my daughter's hair.20190216_151557.jpg


The exact same thing is happening me at the moment. My pictures are coming out all fuzzy more or less. Also when in live focus mode I have no "portrait dolly" when trying to edit. On YouTube everyone is making great photos with it and I don't have the option. Really upset with the camera though. I don't even know what to do about it!
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Very bad pictures in Italy manuy of us have this problem by 3 or 4 months but Samsung is completely absent.


Any mods that can help with this?

Is there anything we can do. Like every Samsung device comes with a 2 year guarantee, and we've paid for a product that doesn't meet the standards that was promised. It's really really upsetting. Every photo l take of my son it comes out blurry!
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I'm with the same cameraproblem

Pie would fix it? Or what we can do about??


I have the exact same problem while others claim it has a great camera. It seems that samsung has no interest in fixing this issue


I really don't know if an update would fix this, cause the A9 has the same sensor and does not have these problem, i try not to think about this cause the only reason i can think about is marketing.

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