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Galaxy A7 2018 - Poor photo quality

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Yeah I tried it but with no results :(

I have the same issue. Photo quality in low light/mid light is disgusting, post processing in camera ruined ALL. PLEASE make update with function disable post-processing and add support RAW. Camera phone without raw, really ? 


1pic: using Camera ZOOM FX app (with Camera2api)
2pic: using stock camera 1.jpg2.jpg

Where are the details, samsung?

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I have the exact same issue on my Samsung A7 2018 edition bought from John Lewis last Christmas. I had a certain expectation of quality of a phone with a 24megapixel camera. I thought i was just seeing things & didn't know how to use the settings when i noticed the majority of the photos and videos are blurry and in particular when you zoom into the photo. The details are all lost and my old Samsung phone with a 5megapixel camera has better detail. 


How is Samsung being allowed to sell and advertise a 24mp camera phone when there is this issue which is clearly a fault. Surely the company must offer an explaination, money back, or simply fix the issue? very very dissapointed. 

This is true, I'm already thinking of switching completely from samsung due to this major issue
I got downgrade quality camera than before update...its less sharp and real...quite dispointed..
I got downgrade quality camera, quite dispointed...
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Is Samsung going to do anything at all to fix this issue?! Or offer reimbursmemts or refunds? Surely this is mis-selling of a phone advertised with a 24mpx camera which actully isnt the case? 


so we should we do for reimbursmemts or refunds, we should complain in samsung and take a action against company.



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