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Galaxy A6 always on display

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I have a UK version, brand new, received yesterday 16 March 2019, no AOD option anywhere, this is very disappointing as its an otherwise decent phone. 

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Did it look like the proper AOD?

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Yes, I saw black screen (but I can see the wallpaper under it) with a clock in the middle .
Nothing else, I don't know if I can share it here, I took a screenshot because friends didn't believe me
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I think Samsung are remotely controlling the A6 variants in the UK and testing out new features for One UI. I've noticed that some of my features such as design elements have changed, and based on what you said about the Always On Display kind of appearing, I think that One UI will bring AoD for A6...excited for the update nevertheless!


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I've just boughtnthis phone so are Samsung going to add AOD on the next update? Why are all phones not the same for every region??



Even with the new One UI update there's still no AOD. Bit unfortunate....

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Just updated my A6.



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I aggre the same I did yesterday but neither I have always on display. Can someone helps us?
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Also after the update I saw it for a few sec but after dissapeared. I thought that it was in my mind but as I read all these comments seems that all of us have the same problem
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