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Galaxy A6 always on display

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we need AOD Display on a6 2018.when I brought this phone they was told me that it has AOD. Now I saw that It has no AOD,,Please Give us solution,, I think if samsung co. wants to solve this problem they may do the solution in next update,,Please give us excellents replay.

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Funny that I'm uk and my phone has no aod option either it's pretty annoying the that the latest a6 has gone backwards it seems we want AOD !!!!


Just roll the option out next update, but still,  this is a bit disappointing. Having a certain aspect of the phone advertised and not having it at all is a bit strange.


i actually got the same phone, its sad that it doesnt have this and the scroll screenshot too, i hope they will add them on the next update.


i dont have it

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A6 2018 disappoint me. do not have USB Type-C, Always On Display. 

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i can't find AOD function in my SM-A600F/DS. will it get in next update 

I suggest you give Samsung a call on 0330 726 7864 and ask for a remote session so they can have a look into this remotely. Its free of charge!
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Hi all! 


Sorry for the confusion here, I've had a look on the device simulator here in the office and it seems that the A6 2018 UK version does not have AOD available.

As it says in the manual, other regions may have this but the UK does not. 


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How to understand that my phone is a UK version?

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