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Galaxy A6 always on display

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I've just boughtnthis phone so are Samsung going to add AOD on the next update? Why are all phones not the same for every region??


There is no always on screen on A6... unfortunately. 

Let's hope it is added to the settings in the future updates...

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Rly need AOD for A6 in next update
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Hi, I buy this phone, and Imanage to activate always on display which work perfectly! Firstly you must download on Google Play Always on Amoled - Beta, and install it. During instalation you willbe asked to give some permisions. You do that and you will for sure have always on display!




That application is not official from samsung and consumes very much battery, takes about 4% per hour of battery.


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I need always on display for galaxy A6 2018

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Tôi mông ss galaxy a6 có alway on disphay

@Zydrax wrote:


I recently purchased a phone,samsung A6 2018

samsung galaxy A6 does not have always on display?

A6 will receive it through update always on display?

I am very dissapointed, I was expecting it to have this function, 2018 phone and does not have this feature.


sorry for my bad english....



First of all, always on display needs some hardware system to support the LCD, thus installing these apps on one hand can be fun, on the other hand, can be so harmful to your device. for instance, it uses so much battery and your phone will get warmer and warmer , so the battery life will be reduced, logically. Another very important issue is that the screen will be on always, and the results could be : burn in display or after a while not responding screen and also sensors will be damaged too... And so many other problems...


I I've just bought a Samsung A6 2018 and the Always on display does not work even when I put the settings to always on please help as this is one of the reasons I bought this phone of my old Windows phone has it as standard

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